How to Troubleshoot Netgear Router Problems

Netgear is one of the best router manufacturers and it’s very easy to setup Netgear router. Also, it’s functioning is very easy. But sometimes you may face some issues with your router, as it is an electrical device. Through this article, you will get the knowledge of troubleshooting your wireless network issues with routers, wireless USB adapters, wireless extenders, and wireless access points.

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Troubleshoot wireless network problems:
For, new routers that are connected to the web, refer to the installation guide provided with the router. The manuals also can be found on the official website.

If the router is connected to the web and worked within the past, ensure the signal from your net service supplier (ISP) isn’t the problem:

  1. 1. Shut down the wireless functioning and directly connect your PC to the router with a coaxial cable.
    Revive the pc and check for an online association.
    3. If there’s still no net association revive the router and any modems in use.
    4. You’ll conjointly repeat this with your pc, by directly connecting it the electronic equipment rather than the router.
    5. If you’re still not obtaining an internet connection, then contact your net service supplier.

If you’re not capable to access the web wirelessly, then it may be possible that your wireless network is also not emitting light. To change the router signals, follow the steps:
• Activate wireless radio on your NETGEAR router
• Activate wireless network exploitation the Wi-Fi button

If the signal strength of Wi-Fi is weak:
• Improve wireless range
• Select wireless channels
• Resolving poor 5GHz wireless range from NETGEAR router
• Improve 2.4Ghz wireless performance by changing channel


The above-given problem and their solutions are those that users usually come across and didn’t find a proper solution. Hope this post will help to resolve them. In case you are not able to solve them, then you can contact to 24/7 available Netgear Support Number.

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Best Netgear Routers with Longest Range

Different routers have different Wi-Fi range and the routers with strong signals are able to connect devices from a great distance and at high speed. Router’s antenna technology determines the Wi-Fi signal strength of a router. So, while selecting a router for yourself you must keep your requirements in mind. Like what is the coverage area, a number of connections and type of device you need. After finalizing your requirements you may be confused in selecting the best router for yourself. So, we have a solution for your problems. Here we are telling you the best routers with the longest range.

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NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC3200

To the typical person, routers seem confusing as they are unable to understand their multiple antennas, bands, inputs and they will be unbelievably frustrating to line up. Thus we’re happy to suggest the Nighthawk X6 as not just one of our favourite long-range routers however one among the simplest to line up similarly. With its tri-band technology and beam forming+, it neatly assigns every one of your devices to associate best Wi-Fi band, making certain they will connect at a speed of up to 3.2Gbps.
The NETGEAR genie app makes installation a snap. It supports one sign-on (SSO) feature that permits you to use one login for all of your NETGEAR accounts and conjointly allows you to observe, connect and manage your home network remotely from your iOS or Android smartphone.

NETGEAR Orbi Home Wi-Fi System

Netgear’s Orbi system provides you multi-unit “hotspot” system. This specific tri-band system comes with 2 separate units: the Orbi Router and therefore the Orbi Satellite. The router works like all other routers, the satellite unit works primarily like an associate extender. The coverage quantity is 5,000-square-foot home. The additional benefit here is you’ll be able to string a lot of units into the package to increase the range even any.


The best Netgear routers are defined above, if you are facing any problems in selecting the best from these or after selecting you to come across any issue in operating the router, then you may contact to 24*7 available Netgear Customer service. Here, expert technicians will give you the best possible solution.

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